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Beskrivning: Titel: Aqualog African Cichlids II Taganyika I - Tropheus
Författare: Peter Schupke
Språk: Engelska
Antal sidor: 192
Förlag: Aquaristik - Consulting & Service
Utgivningsår: 2004
ISBN: 3-936027-38-2

Lake Tanganyika, situated in the heart of Africa, is one of the most fascinating bodies of water in the world. It is also one of the largest, as well as deepest, freshwater lakes to be found on Earth.

In numerical terms the cichlids (family Cichlidae), dominate Lake Tanganyika, as regards both species and individuals. One of the peculiarities of the genus Tropheus, found only in Lake Tanganyika, is that these extremely specialised fishes are unable to cross large areas where there are no aggregations of the rocks that form their particular habitat. As a result, these cichlids have evolved distinct variants, easily distinguished by their colouration, in practically every rocky zone. Because colouration plays a major role in the courtship of these cichlids, they are often incredibly colourful.

All the colour variants known to date - more than 120, including the newest discoveries, never before pictured in print - are here for the first time portrayed in words and photos in a single book. In the course of more than 10 years of intensive involvement with these fishes, the author, Peter Schupke, has compiled all the information available on these spectacularly attractive Tropheus. The most recent research, using the latest scientific methods (such as DNA analysis), has been included.

The aquarist is provided with all the information required for the successful maintenance and breeding of these fishes in the aquarium. Aquarists and scientists alike will find in this AQUALOG a unique work of reference, which, like all AQUALOG lexica, can be kept up to date over the years to come by means of supplements. Hardcover - 190 pages - over 300 photos plus 150 drawings. Includes a nice poster with all the localities of the Tropheus.

- Introduction, 1
- The lake , 4
- The water, 5
- Habitats, 6
- Fish communities, 7
- The food supply in the littoral, 7
- The aquarium water, 8
- Water changes, 9
- Temperature, 9
- Population density, 9
- Decorating the aquarium, 10
- Decor materials, 11
- Plants, 12
- Substrate, 12
- Maintenance with other fishes, 13
- Maintenance of a single species, 14
- Maintaining several colour populations together, 14
- Feeding in the aquarium, 16
- Acclimatisation basics, 18
- Selecting stock at the dealer's, 18
- Feeding during acclimatisation, 19
- Filtration during feeding, 19
- Temperature, 19
- Decor during acclimatisation, 20
- Diseases in the aquarium, 20
- Prophylactic treatment, 21
- The genus Tropheus, 23
- Geographical distribution of the lineages, 25
- The evolution of the genus Tropheus, 26
- The taxonomic situation in the genus Tropheus Boulenger 1988, 30
- An attempt to interpret the distribution of the lineages, 33
- Recent discoveries, 124
- Plates, 126
- Index, 189
- Explanation of the symbols, 191
Inlägg: 8,181
Registrerad: May 2006
Plats: Höganäs

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