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Roger Craig Jersey White
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The 49ers are going to draft a cornerback. Here’s one option in each round for the team"We’ve gone over one option in each round for safeties for the NFL draft. We’ve also gone over an option in each round for wide receivers. Now it’s time for the cornerback position. One thing that is fascinating about the San Francisco 49ers is the cornerback position. They have plenty of bodies at the position. How many of those bodies are healthy? How many can be relied upon when healthy? I’m dying to know how John Lynch values the current roster. Is the point of him trading back to get a premium pick in order to select a cornerback? If so Womens Kentavius Street Jersey , here are some options in the first four rounds.20’s-Greedy Williams, LSULet’s say the team does end up making a trade with the Raiders and they get one of their first round picks in the 20’s. Let’s say a player falls that they are so in love with that they cannot pass up. That player is likely Greedy Williams. If you only watched two games of Williams in 2018, but didn’t know his name, you’d think he was a top five pick against the Ole Miss wide receivers. Unfortunately, you’d wonder why he wasn’t picked until the third if you watch him against Alabama. It was a rollercoaster year for the tall, lanky, speedy corner out of LSU. His 2017 was much more consistent. The talent is there.Two for the top of the second-Deandre Baker, Georgia. Rock Ya-SinIn this scenario, the 49ers get their offensive skill player with their extra first round selection and now are staring at a defensive back at the top of the second round. Let’s look at two lengthy corners the team could be interested in.BakerWhen I watch Baker, I can tell he can play. I do not think he does enough to warrant a premium pick. That’s the disconnect for me. I think both these names—if they are truly the two options—prove that the team should wait on CB. Baker is more of a zone corner. He’s very good at playing under control and reading the QB. That helped him make plenty of plays in college. Where Baker lacks is change of direction. I saw him give up leverage and positioning way too often. Having ball skills won’t matter if you’re not in position.Ya-SinThe CB out of Temple looks the part. The 49ers should be familiar with him as Ya-Sin participated at the Senior Bowl as well. Ya-Sin is much better at the line of scrimmage than he is playing off-coverage. He just seems more comfortable playing in a receivers face. Ya-Sin is very physical at the line, sometimes resulting in a penalty. That doesn’t bother me. What does is his technique at the line. Ya-Sin lacks patience and doesn’t seem to fully trust his speed. That causes him to “open up” too early, giving the receiver space underneath. This is where he’s projected. I feel it’s a round too early.Two third round gemsIf all goes well, and the 49ers are able to trade back, this would be an ideal spot to snag a cornerback. It seems like there are always names that get pushed down, due to other teams reaching for players that aren’t finished products earlier in the draft. Here are two names that could help in the third.Julian Love, Notre DameThe 49ers don’t need a flashy, “high-upside” player. They need a good Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey , sound, ball hawk. That’s Love. He ran a 4.54 40-yard dash, so he will likely drop a bit. When you watch him, you can tell that Love understands what the offense wants to do. He can read the play and close in a hurry. Love isn’t big, and you see the lack of strength show up. He’ll need to improve at the line of scrimmage as well. For the most part he puts himself in a position to make a play and when he is, he makes it. Love also has experience in the slot. That’s what you want.Sean Bunting, Central MichiganTo me, Bunting is better than both players in the second round above. He is one of the top press corners in the draft. He will embarrass you at the line of scrimmage. He’s that physical. Bunting recovers better than Baker to me as well. Bunting gave up only 41% of passes his way, with a 41% passer rating. To give you an idea of the type of athlete he is, Bunting ran a 4.42 40-yard dash with a 41.5” vertical. You can see that explosion. I have a hard time finding five corners better.Fourth round flier Nik Needham, UTEPThis isn’t a big name by any means. This is the round where you take a guy that might need some time to develop, but has the skills you’re looking for. Needham flashes tremendous potential. The first thing you notice is his athleticism. Needham can run with anyone, but he’s not a linear athlete. There are no issues changing directions. That allowed Needham to contest plenty of plays in 2018. The level of play is in question, as is his production. Needham only had two interceptions during his three-year career. Needham is sound, physical, aggressive, and athletic. This could be the guy we look back at in a couple years and wonder why he fell.How about you Roger Craig Jersey White , who are the best options? Later today I’ll have CB rankings! Steelers receiver Antonio Brown has kept a very low profile in the aftermath of the unflattering report regarding the latest distraction he has created in Pittsburgh. With one exception.49ers tight end George Kittle, apparently aware of the rift currently existing between Brown and the Steelers, tweeted a simple greeting to wideout who currently may be feeling unwanted: “Sup?”Brown responded, tweeting a starry eyed emoji.The gesture is being interpreted, regardless of intent, as Kittle making a pitch for Brown to join the 49ers, and Brown accepting. The biggest impediment (beyond 49ers management actually wanting Brown), continues to be Brown’s contract. Because the Steelers opt for large signing bonuses over guaranteed money beyond the first year, and because the Steelers routinely restructure contracts to create cap space, the cap consequences for trading or cutting Brown would exceed $21 million.But if this embattled receiver has also become embittered, the Steelers could be looking at a T.O. 2005 situation, on the other end of the Commonwealth. Which could force them to do something in order to avoid another season filled with even more distractions that trace back to a receiver who has demonstrated in recent months a side far different than the hard-working, always-smiling yardage and touchdown machine.And if Brown somehow ends up in San Francisco this offseason, yes, the 49ers and Steelers are scheduled to face each other in 2019.